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The Danish Internet Exchange Point (DIX) is a facility operated by i2, with three points of presence in the Copenhagen area:
  • DTU, Building 304, 2800 Lyngby where it has been located since the beginning in 1994
  • Interxion, Industriparken 20A, 2750 Ballerup operational from May 2011
  • Nianet, Niels Bohrsvej 35, Skanderborg from start of 2014
The purpose of the DIX is to alleviate the exchange of data traffic between networks that constitute the Danish part of the global Internet structure.

The DIX was established in May 1994 and has most of the Danish Internet providers connected. Under FAQ you can find answers to many questions regarding the DIX and Internet eXchanges in general.

Important information regarding DIX and power outages can be also be found in the FAQ.